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About Us

Sierra Management Solutions, Inc. is a Corporate Recruiting  and Consulting company specializing in helping you acquire the right people for sales related  positions within your organization, identify candidates and position holder's strengths and weaknesses, and improve performance  to help raise the bar.  


Sierra Management Solutions, Inc. is owned by Karen Wood

 Karen Wood, the Owner/President of Sierra Management Solutions  brings over 30 years of sales and sales management experience  focusing on technology sector in Silicon Valley.  Her extremely successful career has seen her build sales organizations for both start-up companies (XA Systems, Unison Software) and for established software companies such as Legent Corporation.  Her track record includes a successful IPO and participation in the profitable sale of two companies. 


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Our Mission

Sierra Management Solutions works with your Sales Management Team to Assess your Sales Force, to identify both strengths and weaknesses.  We then formulate a development program to improve your salespeople in the areas of Attitude, Behavior and Technique.  More Info.

We assist our clients in their recruiting efforts.   Our unique process helps you define the specific requirements for your ideal candidate.  We work with you to develop the required advertising to create your candidate pool. We will pre-interview all applicants and conduct a skills analysis to determine if they will actually sell. We will only send those candidates to you who are worthy of your time in the actual interview process.  Since we have completed a skills analysis we are able to inform you in advance just how much additional training they will require to produce in accordance with your expectations.  The results are GUARANTEED.  If you would like a free CD that explains our entire process please click  More Info.

See also the Job benchmarking process described below.

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Sales Candidate Screening

Sierra Management Solutions can also assist you in your recruiting process.  Our Sales Candidate Screening process can help you avoid costly turnover by providing an objective assessment of a sales candidate’s selling skills and growth potential.  This pre-employment test is superior to psychological, personality, behavioral and aptitude tests in diagnosing and identifying sales-specific problems and challenges.  The screening will give you a predictable view of the potential performance of a sales candidate before you make your costly hiring investment.

Job Benchmarking

One of the key services provided by Sierra Management Solutions to their clients is Job Benchmarking.  This process uses the Target Training International Trimetrix System of assessments.  It is a process whereby the perfect candidate for a job is defined through the three personality dimensions, Style (DISC), Motivation (PIAV) and Skill Set (Attributes).  Once the job benchmark is complete a detailed training or hiring program can be developed which dramatically enhances an organizations ability to grow.

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