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Sierra Management Solutions is now offering comprehensive recruiting services tailored to meet the needs of our clients to identify and recruit top performers who can make a substantial short-term impact on sales revenue.  We allow our clients to define our role in their recruiting process.  Clients can use our services in by contracting to use any of the following packages of consulting and services:


 For those clients who prefer to source and recruit their candidates, we offer our job benchmarking capabilities that allow our clients to measure candidates against a job benchmark designed to reflect the true attributes, values and selling behaviors required  by their specific selling position.  We then can provide extensive reporting on their candidates? in view of how closely they match their specific job benchmark.  This provides our clients with the assurance that the candidate hired will have a very high potential for success in their selling organization.


For those clients who would like to utilize our recruiting services to identify potential candidates, we will source qualified candidates who represent a close match to our client?s job benchmark as described above.  All candidates will be extensively screened and assessed prior to presentation to our clients.  Should a hired candidate be terminated within ninety (90) days of employment, we will replace the candidate at no charge.

(with guarantee)

For those clients  focused on a rapid ramp-up in sales production by newly hired salespeople, we offer our fast-track package designed to provide intensive training and coaching to new hires during their first 90 days of employment.  This program assumes that Sierra Management Solutions has provided our job benchmarking, assessment and sourcing services in conjunction with the hiring of a candidate by our client.  The newly hired candidate will participate in our sales training program, attend reinforcement sessions and be tracked and coached on a weekly basis.  We work closely with the sales management personnel of our client to make certain that stated sales objectives are met and exceeded.  Should a candidate not perform adequately, during the first 90 days of employment, we will refund ? of the fees our client has paid for our services performed with regard to the specific candidate.  This guarantee reflects our level of confidence in the high probability of success for candidates placed in our program. 

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Trimetrix SYSTEM

The Trimetrix System is an assessment system that combines all three dimensions of human behavior, Style (DISC), Motivation (PIAV) and Skills (AI). By understanding all the dimensions of human behavior and through use of the Benchmarking Process, we now have the capability to define the perfect fit for any job within the organization and assess individuals for how they fit the perfect model.  We now have the capability of developing very specific coaching and training plans to enhance the overall effectiveness of the organization.  When hiring, by Benchmarking the Job, we now can hire as close to a perfect candidate as possible.


Sierra Management Solutions is certified to provide a complete suite of behavioral assessments. 


DISC is the universal language of observable human behavior.  Its validity is proven just by watching people.  Scientific research has proven that people, in terms of "how they act," universally have similar characteristics.  By learning these characteristics, we can increase communication; therefore, increasing our understanding of each other.


Personal Interest, Attitude and Values (PIAV) is the dimension of human behaviors that governs "why we act."  Every day we are faced with real situations that call for thought, decision, opinion and action.  Consciously or subconsciously, every decision, reaction and course of action arises from our beliefs, that which we value (values) and attitudes.  The PIAV assessment will help in understanding what motivates us.

Attribute Index

Attribute Index (AI) is an assessment that helps us understand what inherent skills we bring to the table. AI analyzes how we use the three dimensions of thought: Intrinsic -  the dimension of uniqueness, feelings,  Extrinsic - the dimension of abstract properties, comparing things to each other and Systematic - the dimension of formal concepts. By analyzing the three dimensions of thought we can understand how a person perceives themselves and the world around them.





Sales Management is an approach to management training designed by the  Sales Professionals. You will learn and apply the unique mix of human relations and sales strategy to your sales management role so you can give your sales team the quality management they need and deserve.


No matter what your position in an organization is, Customer Service is an important part of your job.  You serve customers in person, on the phone, by mail and through electronic media.  You may support colleagues who support customers by supplying them with leadership, information or resources needed to do their job.  The goal of this program is to equip your company team with insight, skill and direction needed to provide your customers with first class Customer Service.


This program is designed to assist the student in organizing presentations to meet the needs of the audience.  You will learn the value of making a favorable impression, gaining trust, harnessing the power of nonverbal communication, controlling podium anxiety and managing questions, disruptions and objections or the difficult audience.  You learn from watching a video of your own presentation as well as from the critique or your peers.


One and Two Day Sales Fundamentals workshops are available upon request.  They focus on Common Sense Selling Training in a Seminar format.  Traditionally, reinforcement is offered in conjunction with these workshops. For the current schedule check  this months calendar.


You've heard of Drive-By-Training, well that's not us.  We're in it with you for the long haul.  As you are know, impact training doesn't work for the long term. It is designed to give lots of information but no real promise of changing old habits.  To change a habit, you have to replace it with another.  It has to be reinforced.  We will tailor a reinforcement program for you based on the results or your assessment process.  

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Common Sense Selling Fundamentals Seminars

As part of Sierra Management Solutions' desire to provide short term growth to sales professionals we offer training in several forms.  The most common form is through our public sales fundamentals seminars.  These seminars are two day intensive impact sessions where the participant is introduced to the structure of Common Sense Selling through exercises and role-plays designed to be both informative and entertaining.  Each participant receives a Common Sense Selling Workbook, a Text on Common Sense Selling and a CD with many of the role-plays from the seminar for review and practice. These two day seminars are also available to corporate clients as part of a tailored in-house training program Common Sense Selling is a copyrighted program from the Whetstone Group.


The second step in our Sales Professional Development Program is a Reinforcement Program designed to help the participant practice the structure presented in the Fundamentals Seminar.  It is through practice that we grow.  Sierra Management Solutions offers Reinforcement in the form of Teleclasses.  These classes are moderated by many of the best Sales Coaches in the business.  The sessions are designed to provide the maximum flexibility for attendance.  You will participate with other sales professionals striving to perfect their techniques.  There are several sessions offered each week that can be accessed from anywhere, including your car.


Today, managers face major obstacles that impede their growth.  Wearing multiple hats, a rapid fire business environment, handling 4-year-old behavior and an overall feeling of being out of control.

Learn how to:

  • Keep Responsibility where it Belongs

  • Create Systems, Processes and "Traps"

  • Stop Setting Goals and Start Getting Results

  • Manage the 7 Ingredients of High Performance

  • Maximize the Hand You have been Dealt

  • Replace Ineffective Annual Reviews

  • Surround Yourself with Talent that will Perform

  • Handle Incentive and Motivation in the 21st Century

  • Hire What You Can't Train

  • Become a Human Smoke Detector while Communicating


Sierra Management Solutions Staff is available, on an hourly basis, to assist with the individual development of you sales and sales management team. This unique service provides positive reinforcement of the techniques and behavior modification tools taught in the Selling Fundamentals Program.

We also have available a unique COACHING CD that will assist you in identifying and developing long term fixes for weaknesses that impact your ability to sell.  This tool identifies reference material and behaviors that will assist in reinforcing your long-term development efforts.  

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