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Testimonials and Client List


From the classes, learning to ask questions and to listen better has been the most helpful to me, personally.  As a company, however, the most effective tool we have learned is the Monkey Paw.  We ALL use it daily.  It really works!!  Proof is that the amount of our deposits has doubled this year, so far.  Larger deposits mean more closings.  Deposits are a great way to track success!

Duane Hillabush, VP Sales Villa Truss

Why do I drive 15 miles in traffic at 7:00am to attend a training session where homework is issued, head trash is pointed out, failures are put on the table and criticism is directed at me? Because if I didn't I would not perform the tasks to be successful, I would keep beating myself up, I would believe I was the only one who made mistakes and I would never get to hear the truth that will lead me to success.

I signed up with Sierra Management  5 years ago and still attend regularly. I'm sure most of the people who read this don't need constant reinforcement. I am not one of them. I need the constant reminders and support so I can continue to spend more time on making money and less time on free consulting. I have been able, because of the Sandler system, to cut my hours at the office and still keep my revenues fairly consistent. I attend my kid's recitals, chaperone field trips, attend PTA and still attend to business. I spend quality time at work and with customers, I don't have to waste my time or theirs.

John, I thank you and my family thanks you. I am convinced I would be working twice as hard for less without the SMS training sessions.  

Kevin McHugh, President, Morlife Company

Sierra Management Training has been very valuable.  We put 20 people through the boot camp.  And before that training, our entire staff came from different sales backgrounds and often spent most of a sales meeting just trying to agree on the terms we were using.  Now we have a common language that we use throughout our company.  Additionally, the reinforcement training continues to build our team as well as explore better ways to become a consultant instead a provider of free information.  The best company wide investment we have made to date.

Jeff Fisher, President, CEO, Reno Lawn & Landscape

John, as I left still another great Mastermind session today, I decided to drop you a short note to let you know the value of what you provide.  The growth of my sales over the last 9 months not only proves to me that this stuff works comfortably, but also confirms that it works not just because the system is great but because you provide the one thing that no one else does; that is constant, consistent reinforcement and practice.  Whenever I feel like I am in a slump, lazy, or struggling, I know  that Wednesday morning is coming.  That means you will take me apart and put me back together. I also know that the room will be filled with other sales professionals from a variety of industries who will share successes, failures, and issues. Should you ever encounter qualified potential members who doubt the value of this system please pass on my phone number. Regards,

Chris Kinsel, Sales Manager, Y-Tec Mfg.  

delivers on everything promised: bigger sales, better sales and easier sales.  Thanks John!

Kent Meredith, President, Raintree Investment Management

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Client List



Ford Motor Automotive Services
Comerica Banking
Copelco Investments Banking
B & R Roofing Commercial Roofing
Fidelity Commercial Roofing
AG Edwards Consulting
Advanced Business Integrators Consulting
AgreeYa Consulting
Hubbert Systems Consulting


Raintree Investment Management Financial
AG Edwards Financial
Professional Exhibits & Graphics Graphics, Web, Media
Primary World Wide Health Care
Powers and Company Insurance
Knoll Interior Design
Meridian World Wide Moving Services
Chipman Relocation services Moving Services
Certain Teed Manufacturing
Schulze Mfg Manufacturing
Y Tec Manufacturing
Accurate Mailings Media
Capitol Radio Media
Circuitree Media
Comstock Business Magazine Media
Advolife Medical
Genex Medical
Chroma Copy Multimedia, Web
NIA Creative Multimedia, Web
MLSG Mortgage Brokers
First California Mortgage Mortgage Brokers
Prudential Real Estate
Fidelity Roofing Roofing
Morelife Company Roofing
Building Material Distributors Construction
Pulte Homes Construction
KB Homes Construction
Villa Truss Construction
Avalon Enterprises Remodeling
B-Line Construction Remodeling
Donitelli Castillo Remodeling
De Mar Flooring Remodeling
Allied Signal Technology
Annotech LTD >Technology
Avcom Technology
CyberNET Technology
Ebalance Technology
Eprize Technology
Evoke Software Technology
Folsom Technology Technology
Harris Technology
IPLocks Technology
Lang Engineering Technology
Logicoy Technology


Mellenium Technology
Microsoft Technology
MyPoints.com Technology
NPA West Technology
Praxair Technology
Research International Technology
Selectica Technology
Shin-Etsu MicroSi Technology
Special Order Systems Technology
Tektronix Technology
Wyse Technology Technology
NanoLogic Technology, Web
Altocom Telecommunications
InTelegy Telecommunications
Surewest Communicationns Telecommunications
Verio Telecommunications
Vstream Telecommunications
ICom Web Hosting

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