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The Power of Business Rapport; Nowhere in life, except possibly in personal relationships, is the notion of rapport more germane than in business life.  Successful chairmen and executives, managers and presidents generate rapport.  Now Michael Brooks, a leading industrial psychologist shows us how NLP skills can be learned and effectively applied to business.  


Mastering the Complex Sale; Fluctuating customer requirements and competitive forces are putting more pressure on sales professionals.  If you work in complex sales, you know that it's the most competitive and lucrative arena in the sales world.  If the stakes are high and you're expected to win, you will need Mastering the Complex Sale to give you the edge you've been looking for.


Mindless Selling; For the last twenty-two years Dave Kurlan has carved a path in selling which consistently went in unusual directions.  In 1973 he actually chose sales instead of accidentally falling into it like most people.  In Mindless Selling Dave shares if insights as to the formula for success.


Start With No; For years now, win - win has been the paradigm for business negotiation - the fair way for all concerned.  Today win - win is just the seductive mantra used by the toughest negotiators to get the other side to compromise unnecessarily, early, and often.  In Jim Camp's book Start With No, he exposes the scam for what it really is and guarantees you will never fall victim to it again.


Rethinking the Sales Force;  by Neil Rackham and John De Vincentis, is an innovative attempt to give today's salespeople a push in the right direction before the inevitable sea of change now developing totally overtakes them and undermines their potential for future success.

In Managing Major Sales; Rackham and Ruff first demonstrate with panache that selling smarter and not selling harder is key to optimizing the effectiveness of salespeople in large sales once they have established contact with their customers or prospects.

In his book "Hope is Not a Strategy" Rick Page describes hoe the model for complex relationships are rapidly changing.  He describes the impacts of the five major selling transformation on the complex sale.

Lets Get Real; Praised by Stephen R. Covey, Mahan Khalsa masterfully puts the science and art of influence and sales on higher ground.


Good to Great; Built to Last,  the defining management study of the nineties shows how the great companies triumph over time and how long-term sustained performance can be engineered into the DNA of an enterprise from the very beginning. The findings of the  Good to Great study will surprise many readers and shed light on virtually every area if management strategy and practice.



I'm OK-You're OK; One of the most extraordinary self-help bestsellers of all time--with over 15 million copies in print--featuring Transactional Analysis. Harris has helped millions find the freedom to change, liberate their adult effectiveness, and achieve joyful intimacy with others. "A way to self-understanding and change."--Los Angeles Times



Body Language; In this introductory and yet wide ranging book, Julius Fast discusses the territorial conflict of animals still hidden within human behavior, "space" issues, personality masks and facial communication, the language of social touching, the meaning of the glance, the human communications through posture, pace, sitting position and stride. "Body Language" can make you a more perceptive human being, and influence your approach to every relationship in your life.



Hire and Develop Your Next Top Performer; In today's competitive economy and ultra-low employment levels, recruiting (not to mention retaining) great salespeople is a Herculean challenge.  How To Hire and Develop Your Next Top Performer tells managers how to rise to that challenge: how to hire right the first time.





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