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  • If you would you like information regarding our NEW Fast Track Recruiting Program

  • If you would like information on Sales or Management Training by Sierra Management Solutions

  • If you would like to register for one of our regular scheduled seminars or Teleclasses

  • Or to take advantage of our FREE TRIMETRIX ASSESSMENT offer


If you prefer, you may also contact us by email.

The following terms and conditions apply to the free TRIMETRIX assessment:

  1. This free assessment will only be provided to Presidents, CEOs, Business Owners or Vice Presidents of Sales.
  2. You must agree to meet with one of our experts for a one-hour consultation upon completion of the assessment.
  3. At the end of the meeting described above, you must make a commitment to either evaluate your entire sales force or not proceed. Please contact us by email.

  Special Events:

* The Fundamentals of Common Sense Selling Bootcamp, February 9th - 10th, FEE: $1495.00

* The Advanced Sales Teleclass Session, On-going series, FEE: $79.00/session

* The Advanced Sales Teleclass Full series (12 sessions) , FEE $875.00

  Recommended Reading:

* Mindless Selling ($20.00+$5.00 Shipping)

* Start With No($20.00+$5.00 Shipping)

* Common Sense Selling Text ($35.00+$5.00 Shipping)  

* Quick Lesson and Role Play CD($110.00+$5.00 Shipping)

* Sales Mind($110.00+$5.00 Shipping)

* Quick Coach CD($110.00+$5.00 Shipping)



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